• Date: 30th of April to 3rd of May 2010
  • Organiser: Alex Whitelaw
  • Location: South of England
  • Space available

People and caravans:

  • Alex Whitelaw
  • Franck Mesirard
  • Sam Wenham
  • David Williams
  • Suzie Wenham
  • Dennis Wenham


This trip is organised every year. It was established to give newly qualified Ocean and Sports Divers their first taste of club boat diving. The weekend is taken at a very leisurely pace to allow them to learn the ropes and put into practice what they have learned during their training. It is also a great opportunity to get to know fellow divers.

This year the trip will be open to club members of all levels.

Message from Alex: I am booking the Plymouth trip for the bank holiday weekend, 30th April to 3rd May, I have called the site today (Bovisand) and they have caravans available for 12 people, 6 in each. The price is 285 per caravan for the weekend, 47.50 each if we get 6 per caravan, can you let me know if you are interested please and let me have a deposit of 20 each, the rest of the balance will need to be paid 6 weeks before we go. If you need anymore information please let me know


Extra information

The caravans do not supply bed linen, towels or tea towels, they do provide duvets and pillows.

Each caravan will need to sort out food for themselves for the weekend. You will need to bring stuff for packed lunches as there is only one cafe nearby and it takes too long for everyone to go there and get their lunches.

You will need to bring two cylinders each if you have them and all dive kit.

You will need a goody bag for your fins, mask etc on the boat.

Wetsuit divers will also need a waterproof/ windproof jacket that can be worn on the boat (salt tends to ruin them so don't bring your best goretex jacket unless you're prepared for it to only be fit for boating afterwards!)

You will need a woolly hat for wearing on the boat - the sillier the better, sunglasses and suntan cream (yes I'm serious)

Trip Report

Friday 30th

Alex and I took Friday 30th April off in order to get to Plymouth away of the bank holiday weekend traffic. We decided to take off early to arrive in Plymouth around mid day. We joined Suzie and Dennis at the Marina at about 1pm. Alex's iphone did a very good job guiding us all the way. The four of us went to the slipway to put Camdiver at the sea. Alex and I were entrusted to take the boat to the pontoon. This was the first time we were left alone with one of the club boats and we were a tad nervous. We had obviously passed our boat handling course (few weeks earlier) but we did feel the responsibility that was given to us, and we carefully manoeuvred around the anchored sailing boats.

With this done, we directed ourselves to the campsite, Alex had booked a caravan large enough to accommodate the 6 of us. As we stepped inside, we were all surprised by the smell of new plastic, and we were all convinced to be either the first or second group of customers to rent it.

Alex and Dave managed to reach Bovisand past 8pm, they had been delayed by an accident happening in front of them. We warmed up diner and finished the evening around some bottles of grape juice.

Saturday 1st

We woke up at 7 the next day for a cooked breakfast with chefs Dave and Sam. All the necessaries proteins were welcome for the oncoming dive. We dived the Scylla in 2 groups: Alex, Dave and me and later Suzie and Sam. The visibility was a bit disappointing, the water was full of floating bits which were almost certainly the result of the mating season. Thankfully, it cleared up the deeper we went.

After a nice pick and mix lunch, we had recharge our battery for dive number two: a scenic dive at Mewstone. The most interesting part of the dive for me was the 2 or 3 dog fishes that we met. Here is one, lazily resting on the sand and unperturbed by the 2 big black floaty things turning around him: link.

That evening, everyone was glad to find the comfort of the caravan.

Sunday 2nd

We dived the James Eagle Lane that morning, Suzie,Alex and myself were glad to discover that the visibility had improved. I was put in charge of the dive and as a result didn't get to play with my camera. The wreck is fully exposed but the strongest part of its structure are still in place. it took us 51 minutes to go from bow to stern (or the opposite, I am not quite sure).

After lunch, some of us felt that the water was too cold and we decided to stay on land. Back then, I was using my weasel undersuit for the first time and I also was affected by the 10 degree water after a while. We used the afternoon to further charge up our batteries.

Since I was using a second hand camera set, I hadn't a flash diffuser and it restricted me to videos at best, because all my pictures had a dark corner. So In the spare time we had, I decided to address the problem. Armed with scissors and an empty milk bottle I made my own flash diffuser. It was shortly replaced by a much improved version 2.

That evening, disappointed by past experiences, we broke the tradition and walked to the Eddystone Inn at Heybrook Bay, instead of the much closer Mussel Inn . And we were glad we did, the walk along the coast is fab and the view from the pub's window is brilliant. The food and service were good and the pub atmosphere was relaxed. The night walk back was difficult as we couldn't see past our bellies wink

Monday 3rd

We had a last dive on Monday before returning to Cambridge. Unfortunately I didn't fill my logbook and forgot about it. Hopefully my dive buddy might update this page when he reads it.

Alex and I had a peaceful drive back to Cambridge, exhausted but pleased.

Wednesday 5th

Suzie and Dennis invited us all the their house for the traditional boat wash. We had a good time.

Some pictures

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