• Date: 1st to 4th of May 2009
  • Organiser: Suzie Wenham
  • Location: South of England
  • Full

People and caravans:

  • Caravan 1: Suzie, Dennis, Sam, Dave Williams
  • Caravan 2: Alex, Bev, Toby, Ben Pemberton
  • Caravan 3:Dave Smith, Rob Jones, Amanda, Adrian


This trip is organised every year. It was established to give newly qualified Ocean and Sports Divers their first taste of club boat diving. The weekend is taken at a very leisurely pace to allow them to learn the ropes and put into practice what they have learned during their training. It is also a great opportunity to get to know fellow divers.


Extra information

The caravans do not supply bed linen, towels or tea towels, they do provide duvets and pillows.

Each caravan will need to sort out food for themselves for the weekend. You will need to bring stuff for packed lunches as there is only one cafe nearby and it takes too long for everyone to go there and get their lunches.

You will need to bring two cylinders each if you have them and all dive kit.

You will need a goody bag for your fins, mask etc on the boat.

Wetsuit divers will also need a waterproof/ windproof jacket that can be worn on the boat (salt tends to ruin them so don't bring your best goretex jacket unless you're prepared for it to only be fit for boating afterwards!)

You will need a woolly hat for wearing on the boat - the sillier the better, sunglasses and suntan cream (yes I'm serious)

Trip Report

After the trip...

Some pictures

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