• Date: 2nd to 5th of May 2008
  • Organiser: Suzie Wenham
  • Location: South of England
  • Trip full

People and caravans:

  • Caravan 9
    • Dave S, John R, Xiaolin, Nick W, Sam, Kim
  • Caravan 12
    • Suzie, Dennis, Dave W, Adam, Franck, Jon S


This trip is organised every year. it was established to give newly qualified Ocean and Sports Divers their first taste of club boat diving. The weekend is taken at a very leisurely pace to allow them to learn the ropes and put into practice what they have learned during their training. It is also a great opportunity to get to know your fellow divers.


Extra information

Actually this is an extract from Suzie's Email. The caravans do not supply bed linen, towels or tea towels, they do provide duvets and pillows.

Each caravan will need to sort out food for themselves for the weekend.

Past trips have always strolled over the hill to The Mussel in Down Thomas for dinner on Sunday night. I plan to book a table for us all - if you don't want to eat there please let me know.

You will need to bring two cylinders each.

You will need a goody bag for your fins, mask etc on the boat.

Wetsuit divers will also need a waterproof that can be worn on the boat (salt tends to ruin them so don't bring your best goretex jacket unless you're prepared for it to only be fit for boating afterwards!)

You will need a woolly hat for wearing on the boat - the sillier the better! and suntan cream (yes I'm serious)

I will send a plan for the weekend nearer to the time but, like everything related to diving it could be subject to change as the weekend progresses.

Please let me know if you are able to leave during the day on Friday and who you are travelling with so that we take as few cars as possible. Boats are being towed by Dave S and me.

Trip Report

Plymouth Trainee Trip Ė Bank Holiday weekend - 2nd to 5th May 2008

The first bank holiday in May 2008, hopefully after all the bad weather last year Iíd get to experience diving as itís supposed to be rather the normal Bog encounter

In all twelve of us made the trip down - five Ocean Divers/Ocean Diver trainees Adam, Franck, Nick, Xiaolin and myself. We were accompanied by Suzie, Dennis, Dave S, Jon, Sam, Kim and John R; Kim and John looking to sign off some of their Dive Leader qualification.

We divided up in to two nice posh new caravans Suzie, Dennis, Adam, Jon, Franck and me in one and Kim, Sam, Dave S, Nick, Xiaolin, John R in the other.


It was a long drive down with the expected problems on the M25, M4 and everywhere in between but I was lucky enough that Nick was driving me so I could sit back and relax.

By the time we arrived Chunderbird and Camdiver were in the water and the first problem arose, Camdiver didnít want to play. In a repeat of the boat handling course the engine wouldnít start so in an attempt to get as much diving done as possible the call for help went out to Tim Forster to see if he could lend a hand with Maria. After at least two seconds of consideration (he did have a job on) he folded under the pressure and agreed to come diving the next morning.


In our caravan Jon and Adam had volunteered for breakfast duties so after a very pleasant fry up it was down to the Mountbatten Centre to load the gear and get out on the water.

First dive was the Mewstone Ledges just a short run from the pontoon Ė what a revelation - vis really could be greater than hand in front of face, although with Jonís Devil Horns hood that could be a little disconcerting. Overall a great scenic dive with a nice range of plant and animal life with no worries about tides or waves.

Unfortunately Nick was suffering from a cold and couldnít clear his ears and thus was unable to dive.

Then back to the Mountbatten Centre where Suzie introduced us to her idea of what a divers lunch should be. Numerous pork pies, sausages, cheeses, scotch eggs, crisps, chocolate and other equally healthy options later we were ready for dive two.

The Breakwater Fort was a good introduction to something a little different, as well a being a nice little dive with large cannon resting on the bottom we were introduced to Clarence the duck, Samís new SMB, you can be sure it wonít be mistaken for anyone elseís.


Conditions had roughened up a bit as we made our way out to the James Egan Layne for our first wreck dive (apparently the bus in Gildenborough doesnít count), but it was all still looked diveable. Vis was down on what was expected but it was still better than the Bog. However once we were down 15m at the wreck it became very interesting as large swells being forced through the holds made it a bit too close to a washing machine for some peopleís liking. It must have been bad, as even Sam was doing a three-minute safety stop at the end of the dive, the only time Iíve known him to do that.

Because of the conditions several of us decided not to do a second dive that day but being an enthusiastic sort I was up for another dip and the water was a lot less lumpy the second time though vis wasnít much better.

We all went off to the Mussel Inn on Sunday night for a meal, unfortunately Iím told neither the service nor the food were up the usual standards, so we may have to find somewhere else for next year.


Last dive of the weekend was HMS Scylla a ship sunk deliberately to help encourage more sea-life and luckily vis was much improved. Also Nickís cold had finally cleared up so he managed to get one dive in on the weekend. The dive was great Ė descending down the shot line on to an intact (and visible) wreck is something Iíll always remember.

Ever keen to teach the newbieísk, Kim gave us a bit of practice on the man overboard technique when as cox she managed to lose her hat.

Then it was just a mater of loading the boats up for the drive back to Cambridge.

Thanks go to Suzie for organising the trip and to all the instructors for taking us out on our first club sea trip.

Dave Williams

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