New committee task list

  • Make sure that each member of the last committee has updated his section below
  • Make sure that the ClubLibrary has been updated by the last committee
  • Make sure that each new member has a chance to chat with the previous occupant and that each aspect of the role is understood and explained in details
  • Check the minutes of the last committee meeting (CommitteePages) and look at the uncompleted actions, get a good description of each and try to complete them during your term

Role Descriptions & Handover

Most handovers are covered in this page, nevertheless some information can't always be shared with everyone, so some role do have an extra page which is not visible to the public.

President role

To come

Chairman Role

Of the officer of a Branch, that of the Chairperson involves wide ranging duties which are sometimes hard to define

Leader and figurehead: the Chairperson plays an important role as leader and figurehead in the organisation and in the conduct of Branch affairs, in Branch meetings and in all matters relating to the Branch's public image. He/she should set and maintain a course that achieves the declared objectives of the BSAC and of the Branch, as defined in its Byelaws.

The Chairperson should ideally be an experienced member of the Branch, unbiased and with good management skills; liked and respected by all members. They should be approachable and may well have to arbitrate in disagreement at committee level, or between individuals or groups of members. They should avoid taking sides and to this end ensure that the Branch conducts all its affairs in accordance with the Branch Byelaws.

Chairing Branch meetings: As the name implies, their formal role is to chair Branch committee meetings. At such meetings their authority takes precedence over all others who may be present at the meeting. They are responsible, with almost unlimited discretion, for the conduct of the meetings through which the business of the Branch is transacted.

In respect of any matter of procedure their decision is final and they are well advised to ensure that some degree of formality is observed, however small and friendly the meeting. All comments and questions should be directed through the Chair, but in a small meeting the Chairperson may use a degree of latitude. However, at any large or formal meeting the need for control is essential.

As usual with this position, the Branch Chairperson has their own vote, which would normally be used as a casting vote in the event of a tied ballot at committee and Branch meetings, if the Branch Byelaws so state.

Other responsibilities: the Chairperson has traditionally been responsible for the organising of tickets for the two dives shows and for arranging the curry night. She/he will also be a point of contact for members who express an interest in joining the club especially those who have already gained some qualifications. The Chairperson should endeavour to represent the club in every occasion from being present at try-dives to promote the club to taking part in local radio shows.

Treasurer Role

Clearly, a Branch Treasurer should have some experience of financial accounting. A Branch will derive the income it needs for its operations from the Branch portion of the total subscription. These funds are used for the day to day running of the Branch, for such regular expenses as pool and meeting room hire and in particular for the acquisition of those major assets which are essential to an active diving club - training equipment, boats and engines, air compressor, etc. The Branch Treasurer plays an important role in predicting income and expenditure, and budgeting for such major purchases - and for their upkeep and eventual replacement.

As a guide the Branch Treasurer would be responsible for:

  • The sound financial management of the Branch.
  • Planning and monitoring Branch income and expenditure and prepare the Branch's annual budget.
  • Providing advice on all matters of expenditure and the Branch's financial position on a regular basis to the Branch Committee.
  • For preparing an "Income & Expenditure Sheet" and a "Balance Sheet" and for presentation and approval at the Branch's AGM.
  • Ensuring the Branch's equipment is adequately insured.

A membership secretary is responsible for the calling in and collection of all debts and of subscriptions from individuals. The membership fees are collected once a year. In joining within the year a pro-rata fee will be charged. Remember the money is for a non-profit making organisation that operates for your benefit.

See a more detailed handover of the role in this secure page: TreasurerRoleHandover

Secretary Role

  • Help chairman to co-ordinate the club activities.
  • In charge of open forum in the absence of chairman.
  • Draw up a rota for the lifeguard of the swimming pool, send email to remind the people on duty and arrange the cover if the person was not available.
  • Send out the reminder and write up the agenda before the committee meetings
  • Write the minutes for each committee meetings:

Taking the minutes of the meetings can appear as a boring task but it is a vital part for the committee as it ensure that actions are completed and it helps the club to move forward. Here are some advices on how to write the minutes.

  • As of 2010 the minutes are kept here on the website, there is a template that can be used as a starting points but most of the time it is easier to start from the last meeting notes.
  • After each meeting you might have to go to the last written minutes and correct the error spotted by the committee
  • In the new minutes, move all the completed actions to the Completed Actions section, this will remind people of all that has been done without cluttering the list of uncompleted action.
  • It is your role to mark action as completed so only do so when you are completly convinced that the work as been done and add a small summary of what has been done next to the action.

Committee Member Role

A ‘Committee Members’ responsibilities are to take an active role within the Club, attend the Committee meetings and be involved with the discussion and decision making on behalf of the Club members. It also involves working with other members of the committee to reach a consensus on Club issues, and to carry out tasks as required to assist the running of the Club.

The committee member has a new responsability, indeed since 2009, he/she is in charge of ordering club clothing. Here is a quick explanation from Jim Scarff:

"We paid £50:00 for the club logo to be coded for our use at Expertees of Hardwick ( now Huntingdon). This was one off setup cost. It would be lost if we changed supplier. The Cambsac Club Clothing folder has all the detail and history.

But just in case:

Web address: This has the current catalogue.

Address:Expertees Personalised Clothing Ltd, 4 Archers Court, Stukeley Road, Huntingdon, Cambs, PE29 6XG.

Contact: Charlotte Saunders, Customer Sales Executive, Tel: 01480 450640.

The committee member is also in charge of keeping the club library up to date

Diving Officer Role

The National Diving Officer has ultimate responsibility for training, testing and to award BSAC diving qualifications. The National Diving Officer has delegated much of this responsibility to the Branch Diving Officers, who (if appropriately qualified) are thus empowered to award Ocean Diver, Sport Diver, Dive Leader and Advanced Diver qualifications to members within their own branch.

A Branch Diving Officer should hold at least the qualification of BSAC Advanced Diver and ideally be a BSAC Nationally Qualified Instructor to supervise Branch instruction and assessments, and recommend candidates before they are able to award a diving qualification.

If a Branch wishes and in the absence of a member meeting the terms of the foregoing paragraph willing to become a Diving Officer, a lesser qualified member may be appointed as Acting Branch Diving Officer. However, an Acting Branch Diving Officer will not have the authority to award diving qualifications higher than those they hold themselves without further endorsement from an Nationally Qualified Instructor or a BSAC member who does hold such higher qualifications. If no Nationally Qualified Instructor is available, an Acting Branch Diving Officer will only be permitted to award qualifications to members on the recommendation of a BSAC Regional or Assistant Coach.


  • The person nominated for the post of Branch Diving Officer should be chosen carefully.
  • They should be a volunteer rather than be pressed into taking the job, enthusiasm and a desire to do things thoroughly being of great importance.
  • They should have a sound practical and theoretical knowledge of diving. And in order to successfully impart their knowledge and ability to others must have zest for the task, sympathy and understanding.

The Diving Officer should endeavour to organise and encourage as many diving trips as possible throughout the year. He/she should ensure that there are a variety of dives to suit all grades of diver. The Diving Officer should assist in the planning of dive trips by imparting experience and knowledge of sites, areas and facilities.

The Diving Officer is responsible for gathering information and reporting any incident to the National Diving Officer.

Assistant Diving Officer Role

Cover for the Diving Officer in his/her absence.

Training Officer Role

Work alongside the Diving officer to:

  • Co-ordinate all training undertaken through the year.
  • Ensure maintenance of standards
  • Try to meet the variety of training needs of club members
  • Provide information on Regional SDCs

And take care of the following duties:

  • Ocean Diver Training course
    • collect deposit from all potential trainees,
    • Ensure training packs are ordered
    • co-ordinate instructors as needed for lectures and pool sessions,
    • Liaise with equipment officer re kit requirements
    • Ensure projector and laptop are with the correct instructor for each lecture.
    • Mop up those who have missed lectures/ pool sessions.
    • Plan exam
  • Try dives
    • E-mail contact with potential try-divers
    • Order certificates (easiest to ask the DO to sign a batch at a time, in advance)
    • Send disclaimer form and take payment in advance
    • Co-ordinate instructors
    • Liaise with equipment officer
    • Meet and greet
    • Try dive presentation and safety demonstration in café
    • Issue certificates and invite to pub
  • Sports Diver Course
    • Payment in advance to enable ordering of course materials
    • Plan lectures and pool session
    • Co-ordinate instructors
    • Ensure laptop and projector are with appropriate lecturer
    • Mop up
    • Exam
  • Open Water training – all levels
    • Plan exercises
    • Match student to instructor
    • Make sure students are aware that they will need to liaise with the equipment officer in advance (he/she doesn’t mind read, contrary to popular belief!)
    • Co-ordinate instructors – instructors need to know in advance which task they will be teaching to allow them to prepare themselves and any extra bits of kit they might need
  • Misc.
    • Provide report to every committee meeting
    • Keep brief record of who has done what and when
    • Make sure log books are only signed when instructor is satisfied that student has been able to demonstrate competence in skill
    • Respond to enquiries (e-mail and phone)
    • Meet and greet potential new students ( pub is better than pool for this)
    • Keep abreast of any changes to training introduced by HQ through the year
    • Encourage people to develop their instructor skills – from IFC upward
    • Ensure availability of home made cake at every open water instruction session.

Equipment Officer Role

The core role of the equipment officer is to take responsibility for ensuring Club Equipment is accessible and safe for club members to use.

This is done by

  • Regularly checking the serviceability of club equipment (Cylinders, BCDs, Regulators etc).
  • Maintaining accurate inventory lists.
  • Attending regular Committee meetings and reporting to Committee on relevant issues.
  • Issuing kit to members for pool and open water dives.
  • Collecting money for kit use.
  • Introducing the kit to new club members i.e. trainees, and explaining the procedures for use.
  • Being available at the kit shed for members to check out gear.
  • Ensuring servicing of gear is done at appropriate intervals and arranging for gear to be taken to servic, get specific time of the year for that.

The list of club gear is kept here EquipmentOfficerRoleHandover.

Compressor Officer Role

  • Encourage people from both 240 & CUUEG to be on a rota of operators, and train new operators (Training may be delegated where necessary).
  • Produce a fair rota, and keep it up-to-date with changes.
  • Post copies of the rota, in the shed, club notice board, and pass a copy to the webmaster for publication on web, and a copy to the newsletter editor for inclusion in the club newsletter.
  • Arrange cover for people who can’t make their slot.
  • Put oil in the compressor when needed.
  • Check performance of the compressor, carry out or have done simple maintenance as required (eg. on the whips).
  • Empty the waste oil tank at least twice a year or when required.
  • Make sure there is a supply of Nitrox tickets & elastic bands in shed
  • Monitor the use of the compressor, and make sure it is not being abused.
  • Produce invoices for non club members using the compressor, and CUUEG (CUUEG, invoice to be raised twice a year in coordination with treasurer)
  • Attend committee meets, and give a report on the state of the compressor and rota.
  • Maintain the yahoo group’s compressor operators list, with only active compressor operators.
  • Arrange the annual servicing of the compressor at the start of the dive season.
  • Maintain the clean air filters.
  • Arrange oxygen cylinder replacements as required for nitrox fills. This involves someone transporting them to/from the Cavendish laboratory for collection.
  • Purchase and make sure there is masking tape in the shed to tape full bottles
  • Issue keys for operators and keep track of who has paid a deposit for a key on this page:

Some information not to be shared with everyone CompressorOfficerRoleHandover.

Boat Officer Role

The boats are currently stored at Wilburton and can remain there for the foreseeable future. The boat officer is not expected to house them unless he/she wants to and has a reasonably secure space to do so.

He/she is responsible for the following:

  • Organising the pre-season servicing of the boats, engines and trailers by a professional marine engineer.
  • Preparing boats and equipment for the diving season.
  • With reasonable notice arranging at the request of dive trip organisers the pick up of keys, electronics, O2 and boats.
  • Maintaining boat equipment and replacing any out of date or damaged equipment.
  • Sorting out any problems relating to the boats, engines and trailers reported by dive trip organisers following a diving trip.
  • Putting the boats to bed at the end of the season
  • Patience and a sense of humour.

Webmaster role

This role requires IT knowledge (Unix shell, and possibly MySQL and Perl) and a motivation. Lets not forget that the website is the main contact that we have with the outside world, so it should be appealing and up to date.


  • Website
    • Make it active
    • Keep the website up to date with diving trips
    • Help club members to create/edit pages (try dives, lectures…)
    • Add new features (send emails to life guards…)
  • Club’s photos
    • Add more content to the club Flickr account
  • Mailing lists
    • Add/remove members
  • Attend to the monthly committee meeting and provide a report for the past month


  • Interest in IT
  • Motivated

See a completed handover of the role in this secure page: WebmasterRoleHandover

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