• 13th to 20th May 2011
  • Organiser: Chris Scott
  • Location: Devon
  • Space: Available

Divers by caravan

  • Chris Scott
  • Chris and Pete Willey
  • Ian Thorburn
  • Amanda Karaman
  • ...


This has been a regular trip site for about 20 years. We stay in caravans at the Challaborough Bay Holiday Park, now part of Parkdean Holiday company. The bay is about 10 miles East of Plymouth. It has a sandy beach with area for boat launching which require using a 4x4 vehicle or the local dive club tractor (arrangement necessary).

Burgh Island is a popular dive site, especially for shallower second dives. Lois Shied is a well broken-up wreck in 6 to 9 meters. The Persier and Oregan are 2 wrecks nearby. Reefs are Hilsea Point Rocks and The Rutts. When bad weather comes from the south west, we have often travelled to Hallsands (South of Dartmouth) for sheltered diving. Plymouth is another option.


If you are interested in coming contact Chris Scott for accommodation details. If you wish to come on your own then ask around to find who else is in the same situation and wants to share.

For caravans, bed linen are supplied for the numbers named for each unit. Towels and other bathroom and kitchen requisites are not supplied – ie washing-up liquid, loo rolls during the week, etc

Extra information

There are no number limits for this trip but you do have to do some of the organising for yourselves. It is not really a weekend trip as the boats won't arrive until Saturday and generally we can't get in the caravans early enough to be able to launch in the afternoon. Its quite a long journey so if you can't stay for the week I would aim for at least 3/4 days.

Challaborough/Plymouth Trip Report

The best 5.00 I have ever spent.

We had two days diving at Challaborough but due to poor sea conditions Chunderbird was moved to Plymouth for three days of diving. Not only did this result in some great dives but also a magnificent apres-dive experience.

I was disconsolate at having to pay 5.00 to park the car all day at the Mountbatten centre car park. But on talking to Pete Flaxman (ex Cambsac member and now Plymouth DO) I found out that the fee included a hot shower if you took up the inclusive option of day membership. Diving in a semi-dry, the prospect of an immediate hot shower on our return from the dive site was beguiling.

It was a slightly rough ride out to the James Eagan Lane with a cold wind. Luckily Manoj had lent me a thick water proof jacket and Pete F a woolly hat which kept the elements at bay. Chris Scott and I had an excellent dive which lasted 48 minutes. We had a 3 minute deco stop - demanded by my computer and probably Chris's. At this point, stationary in the water, I started to feel the cold, not hypothermic but a little chilly. I had a long sleeved rash vest on but my tights were shot. The hot shower beckoned.

On landing I asked permission to change out of my semi-dry. On reaching the showers I entered with full kit including the water proof jacket and sun glasses. I let the hot water flow. The feeling was electric, the hot, watery pine needle flow bringing life back. I removed the jacket and my glasses and carried on showering, feeling distinctly more human. I removed the outer layer of the semi-dry soaking the last layer of the suit in clean water. I then removed the last layer of the semi-dry. Luckily there was no one in the showers as this exposed the shot tights over my swimming trunks, (still good for another dive as it's not a fashion statement), I have been ribbed about wearing tights but believe me they not only keep you warm but also help when putting on a wet semi-dry.

I quickly removed my tights as I did not want to go through this explanation to the non-diving public - I have had odd looks from people on the caravan site when kitting up. I was then in the buff with my shower gel so removing the odours and salt of the sea.

I dried and dressed. Then I collected and packed my desalinated kit - job done. On returning to Chunderbird I was asked how it went. I just had to say 'it's the BEST 5.00 I have ever spent!'


-- ChrisScott - 2011-03-31

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